Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine

Introducing the Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine! We are a factory specializing in high-quality and efficient welding equipment.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Transport Package
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Ningbo China
Production Capacity

Product Description

Product Description

Gwc-C Full-Automatic Steel Bar Mesh Welding Equipment Machine

Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
1.Wire Pay-off Mechanism
The pay-off mechanism includes the base, the discharge trays, the brake mechanism, etc. Bearings are installed between the base and the turntable, so that the turntable can be flexibly rotated when it is working, and the brake mechanism can adjust the flexibility of the turntable when there is no material discharged.In such case, the coil will not automatically spread. The single pay-off tray can bear 1200KG,but suggest 500-600kg loaded during working.


2.Line Wire Detecting
Line wire detecting includes guild frame, material shortage detection, etc. When the line wire coil is used up, the machine will stop and alarm automatically, and the operation screen will show the lack of material.
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
3.Straightening Mechanism
The straightening mechanism includes base,frame,straightening rollers and guiding mechanism. The straightening roller includes a horizontal straightening roller and a vertical straightening roller, half of which are installed on the slider.It needs to be adjusted to a suitable position so that it can make the straightening
4.Traction Storage Mechanism
The traction storage mechanism mainly includes:traction pressure wheel,storage rack,the detecting device etc. The wires passing through the straightening mechanism are provided with traction force by the pressure wheel traction mechanism and sent to the storage rack. Detecting device is designed on the upper and lower sides of the storage rack to ensure that there are line wire to be provided to the host for welding purpose.
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
5.Stepping Mechanism
The stepping mechanism mainly includes stepper traction components, precise straightening elements and conduit etc.. Stepping traction is realized by clamping the wire through two sets of upper and lower pressing rollers, and the roller is driven by the servo motor to pull the wires and control the spacing of the cross wire. The precise straightening elements straighten the wires by adjusting two sets of straightening rollers and it assures the quality of the mesh. The function of the conduit is to make sure straightness of wires.
It is composed of frame, air reservoir, pressurized cylinder, lifting device, welding transformer, cross wire terminal alignment part,cross wire detection device,cross wire adsorption device etc. . It is key part of the whole line.The line wires enter the welding area through guiding elements, and the cross wire is adsorbed to the space between the upper and lower electrodes by the magnet after falling into the welding area through the action of the blanking mechanism.when the cross wire detecting device detects the wires in place,the alignment valve acts which will make the length of cross wires terminals alignment. Then the pressurized cylinder is activated,the welding transformer discharges and welds according to the set current and time. After the welding is completed, the pressurized cylinder returns.
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
7,Cross Wire Blanking Mechanism
This part is mainly composed of material bench,material adsorption roller, section wheel, pusher rod etc.. Firstly,put the pre-processed cross wire into the material bench,then divide the wires to pusher rod by material adsorption roller and section wheel and send them to the electrodes rapidly.
8.Cut & Shearing Mechanism
This part is used for shearing the mesh according to the product length.The mesh spacing and shearing position can be set through control panel according to the specifications.
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
9.Mesh turning over mechanism
It consists of servo motor, balance weight lever, rotating arm, turning over frame, gripping hook, etc. The mesh from output mechanism will drop to the turning over frame,then the hook acts and fixes the mesh, the servo motor drives the rotating arm, lifts the frame and the mesh, and falls back to the initial position.After that the hook will be released, and the mesh falls into the roller for stacking.
10.Mesh Stacking
It includes unloading rack,conveyance roller etc. The stacked meshes will be sent to packing area for winding and transportation
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine

11, Electrical Control System This system includes high voltage distribution cabinet and low voltage distribution cabinet one for each,one operation control bench for controlling the pneumatic circuit of welding and production line.
12, Water Cooling System Cooling water system are composed by 4 parts: transformer water cooling,upper-down water cooling,control box cooling.It assures the normal working of device and avoid any damage.
13, Pneumatic System It is equipped with air filter device for purifying the compressed air and has a muffler. The air reservoir is adopted to separate the impurity like dust,water and oil from the air. F.R.L (XMC)and Pneumatic electromagnetic valve( made in Taiwan) are used in this device.

Product Parameters
Main Units
1. Line Wire Pay Off
2. Line Wire Detection
3. Line Wire Straightening
4. Line Wire Traction & Rolling Depression
5. Line Wire Storage Rack
6. Feeding Stepper
7. Mesh Welder
8. Cross Wire blanking
9. Mesh Shear&Cut
10. Mesh Turning
11. Mesh Stacking & Conveyance
12. Electric system
13. Cooling System
14. Pneumatic System
Max Welding Speed(stokes/min)

Max.Mesh Width(mm)
Max.Mesh Width(mm)
Max.Mesh Welding Width(mm)
Max.Mesh Length(mm)
Line Wire Spacing(mm)
≥100mm(stepless adjustment)
Cross Wire Spacing(mm)
≥25mm (stepless adjustment)
Line Wire Diameter(mm)
Cross Wire Diameter(mm)
Max.Welding Capacity(mm)
Welding Material
Low carbon steel wire or ribbed bar
Line Wire Feeding
Cross Wire Feeding
Pre-straightened bar
Welding Spot No.s
Welding Transformer No.s(piece)
Transformer power(KW)
Cooling Water Pressure(MPa)
Cooling Water Flow(L/min)
Operation Temperature(ºC)
Load Duration Rate
Main Power
3P4W 380V 50Hz
Company Profile


Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine


Ningbo Xinzhou Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a company mainly engaged in researching, designing, manufacturing and selling automation welding equipment, which is also a national high-new tech enterprises in China.
Its products are widely used in home appliances,hardware, auto parts production, petrochemical, liquid packaging, nuclear power station,hydropower station, steel structure platform, expressway, high-speed railway, rail transit and other large-scale infrastructure construction and precast constructions. With excellent quality and perfect service, the company has been widely recognized and unanimously praised by customers, products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions, and cooperate with a number of well-known enterprises to establish a long-term strategic partnership.
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine
Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine

Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line MachineWe have passed the international certifications such as CE certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Packaging & Shipping

Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line Machine


Gwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line MachineGwc-C Automatic Construction Mesh Welding Production Line MachineSince its establishment 25 years ago, xinzhou has traveled to all corners of the world, participated in more than 100 exhibitions and served more than 9,000 customers


Q1: What is the price of your machine?
Answer: our machines are customized for your requirements. If you want to get the appropriate price, please provide us thefollowing information.
* The material and thickness of your product
* The minimum and maximum size of your product
* The welding position of your products
* The automation level that you want to achieve
* It would be better if you can provide us the detailed product drawings so our engineer can come out with the suitable technical proposal and price for you.

Q2: What is the warranty period of your machine?
Answer: our standard warranty period is one year after shipment. If you want to extend the warranty period, there will be extra cost.

Q3: What if my machine damaged doing the warranty period?
Answer: firstly, our engineer will help you to diagnose the problem via online guidance. if any parts damaged during the warranty period, we will send the parts to you for replacement free of charge. If you can not fix he problem by replacement of the new parts, we will send engineer to your factory to help fixing the machine.

Q4: What is the delivery time of your machine?
Answer: it depends on the complexity of your machine. Most of our standard machine we got in stock, then we can shape the machine with the seven days after receiving your payment. If you need the Customized machine, normally it would take about 30-90 days to complete the machine.

Q5: Can we send the sample to you for welding test?
Answer: yes. You can send us the samples for welding test and we will send you the pictures and videos after the testing. If you need, we can also send the samples back to your country so you can check the welding quality by yourself before ordering the machine.

Q6: Can you provide us the machine drawings and technical proposal?
Answer: yes. After receiving your detailed requirement and product drawings, our engineer will come out with the suitable
Technical proposal with the basic machine concept drawings to you. Be size after you placing the order we will send you the more detailed design drawings of the machine to you for confirmation. Only after you confirming the drawings then we will start the manufacturing process.

Q7: What's your payment terms?
Answer: we can accept the following payment terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alibaba trade assurance. (we prefer you to choose the Alibaba trade assurance order. If you are not satisfied with the machine that you order, or we delay the shipping time, then you can apply the complaint on 

Q8: How can we install the machine?
Answer: for some simple machines we will provide you the english operation manual, the operation video and also we will provide
you the online guidance and training to your engineer so you can set up the machine easily. For some complicated machines, we will
send engineer to your country to help installation and training. But there will be extra cost for Engineer, including the salary,
visa cost, round-trip ticket cost, and accommodation fee will be covered by the buyer.



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